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Planning Technician
Posted: February 4, 2017
Closing Date: Open until March 8, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

The Ideal Candidate

This position is a unique opportunity for a highly skilled and organized professional to contribute to the mission of conservation in the Santa Clara Valley. You are excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Open Space Authorit—a small, vibrant and dynamic public agency with the mission to protect open space in and around the Santa Clara Valley. You are an enthusiastic and detail oriented individual that is passionate about land conservation, has a strong work ethic, and brings creativity and precision to your work.

You are a university graduate with a two to three years working experience GIS, planning, and design. You completed major coursework in natural resource management, planning, or landscape architecture and are capable of performing a variety of work in support of the Authority’s planning efforts. You bring knowledge of and experience working with regulations such as CEQA. You have excellent communication and project management skills and work effectively both independently and in team environments. You are proficient with ESRI ArcGIS software and the Adobe Creative Suite; familiar with principles of research and data collection pertaining to open space, natural resources, or landscape conservation; and you understand modern office practices, methods, and use of computer equipment and applications.

Working with planning department staff, you will support a variety of planning efforts, including GIS administration; public access planning and conceptual design; environmental planning and compliance; and graphic design and visualization of planning projects. Your typical duties may include: editing and maintaining GIS data; creating accurate and informative maps; performing site analysis and collecting field data; providing assistance and research for compliance with environmental laws and regulations; preparing reports and presentation-quality graphics; assisting with project permit preparation; and general Planning Department support. You will have opportunities to work outdoors in remote locations in steep and rugged terrain. You take great pride in your work and are passionate about conservation and protection of the environment.


  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with major coursework in natural resource management, planning, landscape architecture or related field
  • Minimum of two to three years working experience in landscape architecture, park planning, or resource management
  • Proficiency with ESRI software programs and Adobe Creative Suite

Salary range begins at $29.22 per hour. Salary dependent on qualifications. This is a full‐time, benefited position.

Go here to apply for the job:

Application materials must include: Cover letter, resume, digital portfolio of written, graphic, and GIS work samples to showcase your technical and creative skills.

The Open Space Authority strives to engage a workforce reflective of the community it serves. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. The Open Space Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation by contacting us at (408) 224-7476 or via email at


The Authority does not accept unsolicited applications. Applications received outside of an active recruitment process will not be considered.

OSA Staff

The Open Space Authority consists of both field and administrative staff. Field staff work primarily outdoors and perform a variety of functions including trail building, vegetation and resource management, various construction tasks, as well as making contact and sharing information with members of the public. Administrative staff perform numerous functions in support of the Authority’s mission.

Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager
amackenzie at openspaceauthority dot org

Matt Freeman, Assistant General Manager
mfreeman at openspaceauthority dot org

Marc Landgraf, External Affairs Manager
mlandgraf at openspaceauthority dot org

Lauren Monack, Director of Administration and Finance
lmonack at openspaceauthority dot org

Derek Neumann, Field Operations Manager
dneumann at openspaceauthority dot org

Donna Plunkett, Planning Manager
dplunkett at openspaceauthority dot org

Galli Basson, Resource Management Specialist
gbasson at openspaceauthority dot org

Andres Campusano, Open Space Technician ll
acampusano at openspaceauthority dot org

Megan Dreger, Grants Administrator
mdreger at openspaceauthority dot org

Patty Eaton, Communications Specialist
peaton at openspaceauthority dot org

Andy Burnside, Open Space Technician ll
aburnside at openspaceauthority dot org

Joelle Garretson, Executive Assistant
jgarretson at openspaceauthority dot org

Kellie Guerra, Clerk of the Board
kguerra at openspaceauthority dot org

Jim Guhe, Open Space Technician ll
jguhe at openspaceauthority dot org

Cliff Irrebaria, Open Space Techncian l
cirrebaria at openspaceauthority dot org

Linda Kwong, Planning Technician
lkwong at openspaceauthority dot org

Dana Litwin, Volunteer Programs Administrator
dlitwin at openspaceauthority dot org

Elizabeth Loretto, Office and Human Resources Administrator
eloretto at openspaceauthority dot org

Alisha Maniglia, Communications Coordinator
amaniglia at openspaceauthority dot org

Nisha McCarson, Office Assistant
nmccarson at openspaceauthority dot org

Marisa Mibach, Open Space Technician ll
mmibach at openspaceauthority dot org

Megan Robinson, Supervising Open Space Technician
mrobinson at openspaceauthority dot org

Teri Rogoway, Educational Programs Coordinator
trogoway at openspaceauthority dot org

Alexsis Shields, Administrative Assistant
ashields at openspaceauthority dot org

Jake Smith, Conservation GIS Coordinator
jsmith at openspaceauthority dot org

Ellen Stearns, Open Space Technician l
estearns at openspaceauthority dot org

Patrick Stevenson, Open Space Technician l
pstevenson at openspaceauthority dot org

David Tharp, Equipment Mechanic Operator
dtharp at openspaceauthority dot org

Justina Tien, Accounting and Financial Analyst
jtien at openspaceauthority dot org