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OSA offers opportunities for the general public to enjoy nature and learn some of its secrets on the trail with trained docents or at outreach events in the community. There are no school programs available at this time.

Interpretive Hikes

Anza hike
Anza hike at Palassou

Whether the subject is wildflowers or tarantulas, the purpose is pleasure on OSA interpretive hikes. It’s a chance to get out on the trail, stretch your legs, and experience the many different habitats you pass through with someone who knows what they’re seeing and hearing.

Hikes are always free, though the activities at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve begin in Alum Rock Park, which charges a $6 parking fee. Most activities occur on Authority lands, although occasionally a hike will be scheduled in an urban park or trail corridor, perhaps in a neighborhood near you. Check the Activities page for a listing of upcoming activities.


Outreach Events

Wellness Fair
A community fair in San Jose

Open Space Authority staff and volunteers bring some of the many marvels of the natural world to events and fairs all around the valley. In the spring, it may be a celebration of Earth Day or native plants. Summer might bring festivals that focus on the health benefits of being active outdoors. And as the days get shorter it could be a good time to focus on wildlife and the change of the seasons.

Whatever the event, it’s always a good time to learn about what open space means to the plants and animals that make their home there. And what it can offer to you when you visit.