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Writing reports for school can be difficult. Sometimes having someone knowledgable around to ask questions helps inspire us. You can email Teshi, our California tiger salamander mascot, and ask questions about your topic. Perhaps Teshi can help shed some light on your interests.

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Here’s an example:

Dear Teshi,
I am writing a report on spiders. My sister says that a daddy long-legs is not actually a spider. Is this true? Signed,

Teshi’s answer:
You have a reason to be confused. There are two creatures commonly called daddy long-legs. One is an animal that belongs in its own order, Opiliones. This animal has eight legs and two eyes but only one body segment. Opilones (also called harvestmen) do not spin webs and are not actually spiders. They don’t have fangs or venom and usually eat decaying material on the moist ground. The second creature with this name is a true spider. Like all spiders, these have two body segments, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. These have eight eyes and eight legs. They also spin webs. Daddy long-legs spiders (sometimes called cellar spiders) do not have poison that is any more venomous than other common spiders.

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