Trails and preserves panorama
Trails and Preserves

The Open Space Authority maintains multi-use trails for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians and is committed to opening new lands to visitors as funding allows. The trails are open every day of the year and are free to the public.

The Open Space Authority also manages and maintains properties that are currently closed to the public. These areas are closed for various reasons including habitat protection, land management, user safety, and funding limitations. Occasionally, the Authority opens these areas to visitors on special-activity days. Please do not enter properties closed to the public except on these designated access days.

Llagas Meadow
Llagas Meadow paved trail

A loop trail on Sierra Vista adjoins Alum Rock Park and offers a bracing climb to the top of the ridge. In clear weather the view stretches from San Francisco to Gilroy. On the Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve a network of trails winds through grasslands and oak savannas, along quiet creeks and breezy ridgetops. A paved nature trail next to the preserve’s staging area welcomes children on bikes and skates, folks pushing strollers and visitors in wheelchairs.


Nature Notes

All the plants, animals, rocks and artifacts on Authority lands are protected. The woods and meadows and creeks are home to an astonishing number of species. For a few plants and animals the preserves and protected lands are some of the last places they exist. By staying on the trails and leaving the landscape undisturbed visitors can help safeguard these valuable natural resources.

A Few Reminders

Horseback riding
Rancho Cañada del Oro

Some of the wonders of the natural world can bite, scratch, make you itch or burn. It’s important to be prepared for sun, poison oak, ticks, and heat. Planning ahead makes a day on the trail more enjoyable. Check out trail conditions and safety tips before you go.

And please be a good neighbor to the owners of private property that adjoins OSA lands. Respect boundaries and no parking signs.

Whatever the season or the weather, there’s always something new to see or experience along the trail. We invite you to send a comment or photograph in our online guestbook, Sightings.