Rancho trail

Volunteer opportunities exist in areas open to the public and on those properties that are being assessed for future public use. Stewardship projects enhance the open space value of these lands by such things as conducting resource surveys, removing invasive plants, and replanting and restoring habitats.

Trail patrol volunteers develop familiarity with the trails, preserves, and environments open to visitors. They are a vital link in keeping both visitors and staff up to date on current conditions in the field.

Trail Patrol

Hikers on boccardo Trail
Hikers on Boccardo Trail

Volunteers distribute brochures and maps to preserve visitors, and teach them about proper trail use and safety. They also provide staff with information on trail use patterns and trail conditions. They must be at least 18 years old, attend a trail patrol training session, and be able to patrol at least once a month.

The Open Space Authority has trails in two locations, Rancho Cañada del Oro south of Calero County Park and the Boccardo Loop Trail above Alum Rock Park. Trail patrol opportunities for mountain bikers, equestrians and hikers are available at both sites.

Boccardo Loop Trail offers a 3.1-mile trail in a loop with a steep western and more gradual eastern leg. Volunteers will have contacts with trail visitors throughout the week. Access is only through Alum Rock Park at this time.

Rancho Cañada del Oro offers 8.8 miles of trails including a half-mile paved loop in the Llagas Meadow. Paved parking, restroom and picnic tables are available at the staging area. Two picnic tables are also situated on the trail. The preserve sees a steady volume of traffic throughout the week.


Land Stewardship Program

Weed removal on Furtado

The goal of land stewardship is to protect, restore and enhance the natural environments on open space lands. Minimum age requirement to participate is 14 years old. Teens aged 14-17 may serve with a parent or legal guardian present. Volunteers are welcome on a one-time basis or they may attend work days regularly.

Stewardship projects give volunteers the opportunity to work with trained staff, learn new skills, share their knowledge, meet new friends, learn about the Open Space Authority and increase their knowledge of the outdoors. Projects include:

Invasive plant removal Eradicate nonnative plants that crowd out important habitat species. Projects are conducted on various OSA properties, including areas closed to the general public.

Native plant nursery Help OSA staff operate our native plant nursery. Plants grown in the nursery are used in revegetation projects and natural resource restoration projects.

Restoration Projects include site clean-ups and habitat restoration. They can take place on various OSA properties throughout the year.


Upcoming Land Steward Opportunities

We do not have any opportunities scheduled at this time, please check this page regularly for new opportunities.

For more information, send an email to Dana Litwin, Volunteer Programs Supervisor, or call 408-224-7476 x 27.