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Biodiversity is Essential for a Healthy Natural Environment

Biodiversity refers to the tremendous variety of life forms that exists on our planet. Ecosystems include the physical, biological, and chemical connections that support life on Earth and the complex web of interdependence amongst organisms.   


Over the past half century, we've seen an unprecedented loss of biodiversity, mostly due to habitat destruction. Despite implementation of federal and state laws to protect endangered species and to set aside land for parks and open space preserves, we are witnessing an irreversible loss of our natural heritage and information that could be key to unknown medical and scientific breakthroughs.

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan

The Valley Habitat Plan conservation strategy, administered by the Valley Habitat Agency, calls for the protection of nearly 34,000 acres of new open space lands over the next 40 years. As a participating special entity, the Open Space Authority helped create the Valley Habitat Plan, and plays a key role in the protection, restoration, and management of the resulting reserve system.
The Valley Habitat Plan will benefit many species, including the famous Bay Checkerspot butterfly, which can be considered a poster child for serpentine grasslands. Once widespread on the San Francisco Peninsula, the threatened butterfly now hangs on at Coyote Ridge, where its protection will also benefit the many other species native to this landscape.

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Our Approach

The Open Space Authority protects and manages an interconnected system of wildlands and natural areas to support native habitats and species and to ensure their long-term viability in response to a changing environment. 

Learn more about biodiversity and wildlands in natural areas in the Santa Clara Valley Greenprint.

Biodiversity and Wildlands
The Authority is also working on implementing the Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage, focusing on connecting land between the Diablo and Santa Cruz Mountain Ranges.

Strategies include:

  1. Focus land conservation efforts on the protection, restoration, and enhancement of habitat for rare, threatened, and endangered species.
  2. Ensure the long-term viability and stewardship of waterways, wetlands, and ponds.
  3. Protect and maintain connections between large open space parcels to provide large habitat blocks, ensure critical linkages, and provide climate resilience.
  4. Provide leadership and resources for land stewardship to promote native species and habitats.
  5. Expand outreach and education programs to increase community awareness of the importance of wildlands and natural resources.
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