Regional Conservation Investment Strategy

The Open Space Authority is the first agency in California to sponsor and develop a Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (RCIS), as part of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's RCIS Program. Enabled by the passage of a new State law (AB 2087) in 2016, the Santa Clara County Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (SCCRCIS) will provide a new planning and implementation mechanism for voluntary conservation and enhancement actions within the Authority’s jurisdiction, including Coyote Valley—to protect focal species and their sensitive habitats using Mitigation Credit Agreements (MCAs).

Consistency with Valley Habitat Plan

The SCCRCIS area includes the permit area of the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan*, implemented by the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency. The SCCRCIS was developed in coordination with the Habitat Agency to ensure that it complements and is consistent with the Habitat Plan’s conservation strategy both within and beyond the Habitat Plan's permit area. The SCCRCIS builds on the Habitat's Plan's conservation goals, objectives, and reserve design to "fill in the gaps" that are not addressed by the Habitat Plan, both in geography and in resources.

Habitat Agency Letter of Consistency

*The Habitat Plan is a 50-year regional plan to protect endangered species and natural resources while allowing for future development in Santa Clara County.

Next Steps

Developed with input from conservation and transportation agencies and organizations, the SCCRCIS, once complete, will be available for use to inform voluntary conservation and enhancement actions for focal species, sensitive habitats, other conservation elements, including habitat connectivity and working landscapes. As the sponsor, the Authority will track work to conduct conservation actions identified in the SCCRCIS, including the development of priority conservation areas.

The final SCCRCIS is anticipated to be complete by Fall 2019.

Download a copy of the draft SCCRCIS on CDFW's website.