The Open Space Authority consists of five departments that support the agency's mission through land management and stewardship; open space and resource planning; connection with the public; and governmental compliance and operational efficiency.


The Administrative Operations Department is responsible for the management and oversight of functions that support the daily operations of the Open Space Authority. Administrative Operations provides necessary operational services for the optimal, smooth functioning of the agency and strives for organizational excellence through continuous improvement and cross-department collaboration by taking a leadership role in achieving organization-wide operational efficiencies. Administrative Operations also oversees all governance, transparency, and Board and committee administration.

Field Operations

The Field Operations Department oversees the daily operation, management and stewardship of the Authority’s lands and public access facilities. Responsibilities include trail and preserve maintenance, resource management such as grazing management, invasive plant management, site monitoring, resource and habitat enhancement, monitoring and maintaining capital structures, and careful stewardship and reporting for contract land management and mitigation. The Field Operations Department is also responsible for Resource Management, which involves the long-term protection and stewardship of Authority lands and natural resources. 

The Field Operations Department also includes Community Engagement, which is responsible for connecting people to nature through environmental education programming, volunteer opportunities to participate in the stewardship of Authority lands and provide public education of open space goals, and large-scale events offered to the public by the Authority, as well as strategically selected booth events with local organizations and agencies. 


The Planning Department is responsible for Capital Improvements, which includes developing use and management plans for Authority properties including planning, design, and construction of projects for visitor facilities and ecological restoration on Authority preserves.


The Public Affairs Department is responsible for the Authority’s communications and awareness-building with the public and media, partnership building, and legislative affairs which includes policy and long-range funding source development. Public Affairs is responsible for managing all of the Authority’s digital and print media and communications - including periodic publications, year in review, trail maps and other brochures, website, social media, and press relations; partnership development, legislative, policy, and public funding support; and building of relationships with our elected leaders at all levels of government. 

Conservation Initiatives and Grants

The Conservation Initiatives and Grants (CIG) Department is responsible for developing and implementing strategic conservation initiatives and projects to achieve the agency’s land preservation goals. This work entails conservation planning to identify and prioritize the most important multi-benefit natural and working lands; partner engagement to develop coordinated land protection and funding strategies; review and development of statewide and local policies, programs and funding sources for land protection; and grant writing. The Department is responsible for implementing all aspects of the Land Acquisition program, including landowner outreach and negotiation, appraisals, due diligence, and conservation easement stewardship in compliance with the agency’s accreditation status by the Land Trust Alliance. The Department is home to the Authority’s Grant Management program, which provides oversight and outreach of the Authority’s funding and grant programs as well as overall management of grant-seeking efforts and incoming grants. The Department also provides the administration, design and implementation of Authority’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analysis services which supports all aspects of the Authority’s work.