The Open Space Authority consists of four departments that support the agency's mission through land management and stewardship; open space and resource planning; connection with the public; and governmental compliance and operational efficiency.

Administration and Finance

The Administration and Finance Department is responsible for the management and oversight of operational administration at the Open Space Authority. Administration and Finance provides necessary operational services for the optimal, smooth functioning of the agency. The Department also oversees all governance, transparency, and Board and committee administration.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Department supports all of the Open Space Authority’s projects, programs, and initiatives through external communications, public education, and volunteer-based field operations support. In addition, Community Engagement delivers opportunities for nature and science-based education experiences as specified in the Measure Q Expenditure Plan.

Community Engagement is also responsible for managing all of the Authority’s media and communications, event production, community outreach, partnership development, legislative and policy support, and any additional community engagement such as that supporting the Measure Q Urban Open Space Grant Program.

Field Operations

The Field Operations Department oversees the daily operation, management and stewardship of the Authority’s lands and public access facilities. Responsibilities include trail and preserve maintenance, resource management such as grazing management, invasive plant management, site monitoring, resource and habitat enhancement, monitoring and maintaining capital structures, and careful stewardship and reporting for contract land management and mitigation.


The Planning Department is responsible for developing use and management plans for Authority properties including planning, design and construction of capital improvement projects, and other public access and restoration improvements; planning and implementation of natural resource management projects and permitting, and environmental compliance for planning and land management work. Planning also provides the administration, design, and implementation of Authority’s Geographic Information Systems mapping and analysis services which supports all aspects of Authority work, including conservation planning, real property evaluations, acquisitions, community and media outreach, and land management. The Department also leads all aspects of the Measure Q Urban Open Space Grant Program with annual solicitations, awards, contracting, and project implementation.