Coyote Valley

Nature as Infrastructure

Nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range at the southern reaches of San Jose, lies the stunning Coyote Valley, which encompasses a unique combination of plant and wildlife habitat, farmland, important water resources, and an essential open space buffer to a bustling Silicon Valley.

Coyote Valley is a top conservation priority for the Authority. Its protection will build resilience that will allow for both natural and human communities to reduce and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.

Protecting Coyote Valley

Today, Coyote Valley is an agricultural and ecological treasure. It is a last-chance landscape – it contains critical floodplains and aquifers, productive agricultural lands, and the last remaining wildlife linkage between the Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Range. Its conservation also presents a unique opportunity to increase climate resilience.

Conservation and restoration in Coyote Valley can reduce greenhouse gases, store carbon, and buffer effects of increased temperatures and flood events.

With a network of protected open spaces, restored wetlands and floodplains, and wildlife-friendly working lands, we can be prepared for a different climate future.

Unparalleled CONSERVATION Values

  1. Includes 2,500 acres of floodplain
  2. Provides and protects local water supplies through acquifer recharge
  3. Secures a critical ecological connection for wildlife habitat
  4. Supports our local agricultural economy
  5. Offers a unique and beautiful sense of place


Our Approach

Here in Silicon Valley, the center of innovation, the Open Space Authority is demonstrating how strategic investments in conservation, smart land use policies, and urban design can support nature as infrastructure.

Coyote Valley offers an unparalleled opportunity to provide cost-effective, efficient nature-based resilience to climate change, while also providing a number of other ecological, economic, and quality of life benefits – now and in the future. 

Nature as Infrastructure Brochure