Bench on top of hill covered in golden grass, overlooking oak trees and expansive golden Coyote Valley below

Santa Clara Valley Greenprint

Our goal is to achieve healthy, sustainable and livable communities well beyond the 21st Century.

Matt Freeman, Assistant General Manager, Open Space Authority

A conservation vision

The Santa Clara Valley Greenprint, a science-based, detailed roadmap for conservation efforts, identifies strategies for protection of waterwildlifeworking lands, and outdoor recreation spaces that help shape the health and well-being of Santa Clara Valley residents. The Greenprint identifies 10 significant landscapes that are home to precious resources, working farmland, and threatened species. The Greenprint also distinguishes conservation opportunities, strategies, and goals for Open Space, local municipalities, and residents over the next 30 years.

The Santa Clara Valley Greenprint, 2014

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Our Approach

The Authority has identified four conservation goals to guide our efforts.

To learn more about these goals, download:

Santa Clara Valley Greenprint Brochure
Santa Clara Valley Greenprint Report


  1. Protecting and managing interconnected systems of wildlife and natural areas.
  2. Protecting and restoring water resources to benefit local communities and environment.
  3. Conserving farms, ranches, and working landscapes to sustain the economic and environmental viability of the County’s agriculture.
  4. Protecting and managing an interconnected network of open space lands that provide opportunities for nature-based activities and education for local residents.