Two Open Space Technicians in tan and brown uniforms standing in green field and facing away from the camera, holding a large map in front of them

Land Stewardship

The Open Space Authority protects over 28,000 acres of open space, water resources, farms and rangelands. Authority land managers are responsible for many natural resources including plants and animals, water and soil resources, and cultural and recreational assets. The Authority uses many tactics, such as removal of invasive plants and waterway protection to manage land effectively.

By working closely with local government, ranchers, landowners, and nonprofits, our natural communities can be preserved and ecologically maintained for everyone’s benefit.


The Authority is focused on the values most important for maintaining sustainable natural and human communities. Based on findings from the Santa Clara Valley Greenprint, the following management practices are followed to preserve the region’s most critical habitats, farmland, and water resources.


Habitat loss and land fragmentation puts many native animal species at risk of losing their homes. Many animals found in the Valley depend on these protected open spaces for food, shelter, and protection.
The Authority uses cattle grazing as a management tool to reduce exotic species, promote native plants and animals, and reduce wildfires and wildfire risk.
The Authority takes preventative steps to reduce the risk of wildfires occurring and spreading over open space preserves by creating a fuel management plan and policy.
Using adaptive management strategies, the Authority is able to keep its land in pristine condition for the enjoyment of visitors year round.