Bowers Park grass field with sycamore trees

Bowers Park Habitat Restoration & Pathway Installation


open space authority funds contributed to project


project awarded

The Authority contributed funds towards the City of Santa Clara's installation of a decomposed granite trail and restoration of upland habitat near Saratoga Creek. This project will give people of all ages and abilities access to nature in their neighborhood and to the new all-inclusive playground in Bowers Park. In addition, the trail will create a walking loop by connecting to existing park trails. The trail will enhance and integrate play spaces with nature, while supporting sustainability and age-friendly outdoor activities.
Award Date:
May 9, 2018
Urban Grant Program
Bowers Park

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Other Success

Growing the Urban Forestry Education Center

Growing the Urban Forestry Education Center

This project is adding essential, long-lasting improvements to the Our City Forest Urban Forest Outdoor Education Center located in Martial Cottle County Park. With the existing Outdoor Classroom at the center, the addition of stable walkways, electricity, smart irrigation, a greenhouse, and other eco-friendly features, a viable outdoor community environmental education space is available to serve the public. Education programming offered at the site is increasing climate resilience awareness of environmental challenges and teaching skills necessary to steward and protect the natural resources in and around our urban communities. With the improvements made possible through this grant, the Education Center will attract and support thousands of visitors to this innovative venue within Martial Cottle Park.

Dirt trail along Bailey Ave

Ridge Trail Connection: Class I Trail Design along Bailey Ave

Ridge Trail Connection: Class I Trail Design along Bailey Ave

Authority funds will help the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council solve a complex trail crossing in North Coyote Valley between the Santa Cruz Mountains and western foothills of the Diablo Range. The project will result in a traffic study, survey, and preliminary design. Addressing a critical link between park and open space lands, this project aligns with multiple regional partners and local agency priorities of recreation and land conservation.

Man holding smiling baby and looking at an interpretive panel about hummingbirds and butterflies at Ulistac Natural Area

Ulistac Natural Area

Ulistac Natural Area

The Authority funded two phases of improvements for this 40-acres of open space along the Guadalupe River in Santa Clara, in 1999 and again in 2004. The projects included trail design and construction as well as removal of exotic plant species, revegetation, irrigation, and fence and gate improvements. The park now features native vegetation representing a variety of plant communities connected by a series of trails.