Dirt trail along Bailey Ave

Ridge Trail Connection: Class I Trail Design along Bailey Ave


open space authority funds contributed to project


project awarded

Authority funds will help the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council solve a complex trail crossing in North Coyote Valley between the Santa Cruz Mountains and western foothills of the Diablo Range. The project will result in a traffic study, survey, and preliminary design. Addressing a critical link between park and open space lands, this project aligns with multiple regional partners and local agency priorities of recreation and land conservation.
Award Date:
December 11, 2020
Urban Grant Program
Surrounding areas of Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve and the North Coyote Valley Conservation Area

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Other Success

Historic farm equipment on brown grass field at Santa Teresa County Historic Park

Santa Teresa County Historic Park

Santa Teresa County Historic Park

In 2002 the City of San Jose in partnership with Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation used a $900,000 grant from the Open Space Authority to purchase property to expand Santa Teresa County Park Historic Area. The 1.93-acre parcel adjoins the historic Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch interpretive site and Santa Teresa Springs. The ranch buildings and surrounding 28-acre property are what remains of a nearly 10,000-acre tract granted to Jose Joaquin Bernal by the Mexican government in 1834.

Farm field with rows of green crops

Small-Scale Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Santa Clara County Report

Small-Scale Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Santa Clara County Report

The Authority contributed funds to the Santa Clara County Food System Alliance project which addresses the issue of economic and social viability of small-scale urban and peri-urban agricultural operations in Santa Clara County. The Alliance will produce a report that highlights potential models for creating successful small-scale agricultural operations and identifies marketing and distribution systems that expand healthy food access by linking a viable urban and peri-urban agricultural system to residents of Santa Clara County, particularly underserved communities. The report will also provide recommendations illustrating how to implement potentially successful models in the county. The data and recommendations in the report will be useful for policymakers, elected officials, partner organizations, beginning and existing small farmers, and they will feed into the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Strategy process and Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone implementation.

Farmbox Bicycle delivery loaded with supplies

Eastside Connect

Eastside Connect

Initially launched in response to COVID-19, Veggielution's Eastside Connect program serves more than 250 people per week through farm boxes, hot meals, and our onsite farm stand. Beginning in 2021, with the funding from the Open Space Authoriy, Veggielution will grow the capacity of Eastside Connect based on recommendations from our recent land use plan. By adding bike delivery, food safety certification, and value added products prepared by local residents, this program will help build a more pandemic- and climate-resilient local food system.