You(th) Be the Change: Connecting Climate Change and Nature Education


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Acterra developed a science-based climate science education and training program for Middle School students (grades 6-8) that explains climate change and outlines positive steps individuals and communities can take to mitigate negative effects. Acterra aims to partner with the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF) to co-create an outdoor/urban garden experience that links nature, food, and planetary health to enrich the You(th) Be the Change (YBtC) curriculum that both organizations can incorporate into their educational programming. In addition to direct teaching of the enriched YBtC program in classrooms, this project includes a teacher training program to support and inspire teachers to provide students from under-resourced communities with high quality climate science education and outdoor/urban garden experiences while increasing awareness and usage of CNGF’s urban garden.
Award Date:
May 18, 2023
Urban Grant Program
76 Race St, San Jose, CA 95126

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Other Success

Smiling students and teacher around raised garden bed with sprinkler hose

Campbell School District Garden-Based Instruction

Campbell School District Garden-Based Instruction

The Authority’s grant helped fund Living Classroom’s Garden-Based Instruction in the Campbell School District. Living Classroom's environmental education program focuses in three key areas: environmental literacy, connection to healthy food, and science learning that is relevant and real to the lives of students. Living Classroom will provide a full-service program to schools, including lesson instruction to hundreds of classrooms with multiple lessons for each class each year over multiple years, lesson materials, garden installation and maintenance, and recruitment and training of volunteer parents and docents. The goal of the Authority-funded portion the program was to provide top quality, engaging garden-based learning experiences in the areas of science, nutrition, math, and social studies for at least 1,200 K-3 students at five Campbell schools

Valley Verde representative holding tray of plants in containers with garden in background

San Jose Home Gardens

San Jose Home Gardens

The Authority helped fund Valley Verde’s San Jose Family Gardening Project, which creates and maintains community and home gardens in collaboration with 140 low-income families. The project addresses the need for access to green spaces for underserved families, healthy and affordable fresh food, and environmental education. Valley Verde provides families with raised-bed gardens at home along with all the supplies needed to grow fresh vegetables and a year of monthly workshops which cover topics such as urban agriculture, habitat for native wildlife, and water conservation. After one year, participants are eligible to become mentors for other families in the program, growing the circle of environmentally sustainable gardening skills and fostering sense of community in urban areas.

Child watering garden bed with green watering can

Bill's Backyard

Bill's Backyard

The Authority helped fund the Children's Discovery Museum's new Bill's Backyard: Bridge to Nature project, which is a 27,500 square foot outdoor nature education center adjacent to the existing facility. This innovative space is inspiring children and their families to spend time outside, exploring the wonders and joys of building, exploring, climbing, rolling, digging, and getting dirty.