Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals


The Open Space Authority is always looking for individuals who are passionate about protecting our natural resources and who want to give back to the community. Our volunteer programs offer a fun way to preserve the environment while meeting new people who want to make a difference. More than half of our volunteers are repeat volunteers who take on various roles that require special training and a long-term commitment. We have about ten times as many volunteers as paid staff, and all work together as valued team members toward the Authority’s mission.

Get Involved

Trail Patrol

Enjoy and Protect

Members of the Trail Patrol program serve as a resource to the public and Authority staff by providing information, brochures and maps to trail users. Trail Patrol volunteers also educate visitors about proper trail use and safety, and provide staff with information on trail conditions and visitor use patterns. Trail Patrol team members are self-scheduled and commit to patrolling the Authority’s open space preserves a minimum of once a month, on foot, bicycle or horseback. Training sessions for Trail Patrol are in May and November, and volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Community Outreach

Fun and Fairs

Community Outreach Volunteers represent the Authority at community festivals, nature or science themed fairs, and other public events. Volunteers raise awareness for open space preservation by staffing the Open Space Authority display booth, providing information about our open space preserves, answering questions, and leading fun educational games. Training sessions for Community Outreach are in March and August, and volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Land Stewards

Restore and Preserve

Land Steward volunteers assist Authority staff with trail maintenance, habitat restoration, fencing and cleanup projects on the Authority’s lands. No previous experience or training is necessary, and all tools and safety equipment are provided for the day of the project. Land Steward projects are the third Saturday of the month from 10am-3pm. Lunch and water are provided, courtesy of the Authority, or volunteers can bring their own food. Youth volunteers (age 14-17) are welcome, accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Educate and Share

Share your love of nature with others as a Docent volunteer. Docents share information about the natural environment, lead groups on fun, informational hikes and receive special training on how to effectively lead groups. Docents commit to participating in at least one program per quarter, and must pass a fingerprint background check (fees for background checks are paid for by the Authority). Docent training is annual, with weekend classes in late February through early March. Docents must be at least 18 years of age.

Special Projects

Skills and Experience

Special project volunteers use their unique skills to benefit the environment and engage the community, including but not limited to: conducting plant or wildlife inventories, language translation at community programs, updating maps, serving as a photographer during events or assisting with clerical tasks in the Authority’s administrative office. If you have a special skill not listed above or are looking for a college internship placement, we are open to creating the right opportunity for you to support the Open Space Authority. Special projects may be open to youth and adult volunteers.