Pedestrian bridge at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve next to large tree with green hillside in background


The Open Space Authority envisions the Santa Clara Valley as a region dense with beautiful natural areas, where a vibrant network of interconnected open spaces, trails, wildlife habitats, and thriving agricultural lands enrich our communities.

Conserve the Natural Environment

The Open Space Authority works to preserve natural and working lands for the benefit of human and natural communities.

How we do this:

  • Preserve vital natural communities for wildlife.
  • Safeguard water sources.
  • Create greenbelts and urban buffers.
  • Build resilience to a changing climate.
  • Maintain the region’s defining landscapes and vistas.
  • Offer outdoor recreation that is compatible with the natural environment.
  • Provide regional trail connections.
  • Work closely with partners and willing landowners on acquisitions.
Field of yellow goldfield wildflowers with purple owl's clover wildflower

Support Agriculture

The Open Space Authority works to conserve farms, ranches, and other working landscapes to sustain the economic and environmental viability of local agriculture. 

how we do this:

  • Permanently protect farmland and rangelands most critical to agricultural viability.
  • Engage in land use planning efforts to stem conversion of farmland at the urban edge.
  • Promote a healthy and environmentally sustainable agricultural business sector.
  • Manage agricultural land uses on Authority properties to optimize natural resource protection and viability of local agriculture.
  • Educate the public about opportunities to engage with and benefit from local agriculture.
  • Promote community gardens, urban farms, and agricultural parks.

Connect People to Nature

The Authority strives to provide opportunities for nature-based recreation and education for all residents. 

how we do this:

  • Close the gaps in the network of regional parks, open spaces and trails.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through education, outreach, and improved access to parks, open spaces, trails, and local farms.
  • Hold free public events to increase understanding and appreciation of the cultural, economic, environmental, and community benefits of open space.
  • Work with deep engagement communities with limited access to nature.
  • Enhance the Urban Open Space program to provide greater access to safe and well-managed open spaces closer to home.