Looking down from grassy hill across green Laguna Seca basin with some pools of water, trees and golden hillsides in the distance under a blue sky

Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan

A science and community-based planning process to Restore this unique Landscape

The Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan will be a roadmap for utilizing Coyote Valley’s protected lands as a resilient landscape link between mountain ranges. A restored Coyote Valley will sustain biodiversity and facilitate wildlife movement in a changing climate while also carefully managing and improving water resources and providing opportunities for enhanced quality of life, including access to trails and healthy food sources.   

The Plan will be managed by the Open Space Authority in close partnership with Peninsula Open Space Trust and the City of San Jose, and will be designed through an inclusive public planning process that is science based, collaborative, innovative, integrated, and reflective of the values of each agency and the communities they serve. By engaging partners, stakeholders, and residents in the Santa Clara Valley throughout the planning process, together we can play a meaningful role in restoring this vital landscape for human and natural communities. 

Preliminary Master Plan Goals

The Master Plan will focus primarily on achieving implementation of the Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage vision and realizing the floodplain preservation goals of San Jose's 2018 Measure T. The planning process will also take a holistic approach to integrating the key elements outlined here into a comprehensive Plan focused on the greater Coyote Valley.

The North Coyote Valley Conservation Area will be at the heart of the Master Plan, providing a significant opportunity to create a regional public asset where natural infrastructure is designed to build resiliency to climate change and where the community can enjoy the many benefits of this unique landscape.

Key Elements of the Plan

  • Enhance wildlife habitat and ecological connectivity
  • Sustainably manage and restore water resources
  • Improve public health with access to nature
  • Foster ongoing and inclusive community engagement
  • Respect, honor, preserve, and interpret cultural heritage and historic resources
  • Adapt to changing climate conditions
  • Support local agriculture
  • Leverage unique landscape features to boost the local economy
  • Promote equitable and sustainable transportation
  • Consider a holistic vision for the entire Coyote Valley

Get Involved in the Planning Process

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What could a restored landscape look like?

Watercolor illustration of a restored North Coyote Valley with butterflies, raptors, deer, blackbirds, flowers, grasses, and woman watching through binoculars