Citizens’ Advisory Committee


The Citizens' Advisory Commitee's (CAC) purpose, as established by the Board of Directors, is to provide many avenues of input to and from the Open Space Authority's diverse communities. Members provide a broad representation of interests within the Authority's jurisdiction. CAC members are appointed by the Board to serve two-year terms.
There are thirteen members on the Committee. They include: seven District Representatives (the boundaries are the voting districts of each of the Directors elected to serve on the Board of Directors), and six At Large members.

Committee Members

  • Sal Akhter


    Sal Akhter

    1-year term

    Sal Akhter joined the CAC in 2019. An engineer by profession, he works to help mitigate traffic congestion and promote active transportation initiatives. His work also lends itself to reduction in vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing accessibility to mass transit solutions. Sal's been a longtime volunteer in a variety of local community initiatives. He grew up in rural Indiana and currently lives in unincorporated Santa Clara County enjoying trekking and camping in the great outdoors in his free time.
  • Vacant



    2-year term

  • Jan Hintermeister


    Jan Hintermeister

    2-year term

    Jan Hintermeister has been a valued Citizens' Advisory Committee member since 2002 and has spread his love for the betterment of public spaces and environmental causes across a multitude of volunteer positions for the Open Space Authority and other agencies. Jan, a retired engineer, has served as a docent and board member for many local Bay Area entities in the areas of parks, trails, libraries, citizen science, wildlife, and environmental education.
  • Garnetta Annable


    Garnetta Annable

    2-year term

    Instrumental in helping pass legislation to start the Open Space Authority, Garnetta Annable has coupled her professional background as a legal administrator with a passion for open spaces for more than three decades. She has served as a Citizens’ Advisory Committee member since 2013, preceded by appointment as an Authority Board Member for 18 years. She has worked hard to secure funding, policies, and attention to many conservation and open space causes within San Jose and Santa Clara County, including the reopening of a closed school site as a community center and most recently Measure T, providing funds for Coyote Valley acquisitions.
  • Vicki Alexander


    Vicki Alexander

    2-year term

    Vicki Alexander is a long-time community volunteer who joined the Citizens' Advisory Committee in 2019. She has worked with a number of organizations including the Cambrian Community Council, Save Our Shores, Yosemite Volunteers in the Parks, Union School District, Campbell Union High School District, and League of Women Voters. She has an MA in Teaching and has spent the last 20 years managing a family-owned manufacturing business. Growing up in a rural area, spending many hours working in family gardens and on local farms, gave Vicki a lifetime appreciation of open spaces.
  • Minh Pham (Vice-chairperson)


    Minh Pham (Vice-chairperson)

    2-year term

    Joining the CAC in 2015, Minh Pham brings a wealth of experience to Open Space Authority having worked as a counselor at two Cal State schools and as a former legislative aide, as well as being a member of a local school district bond oversight committee. Minh pairs a dedication to open spaces with expertise in research, grants, the workings of bonds, and making connections with educational programs.
  • Raj Bhanot


    Raj Bhanot

    2-year term

    Joining the Citizens' Advisory Committee in 2015, Raj Bhanot has served the local community in a myriad of ways as both an auditor for both California and San Jose, and as a volunteer. He has been a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of San Jose, a Human Relations Commissioner in Santa Clara County, and an Advisory Committee member for affordable housing measures. Bhanot is also the co-founder of the Hindu Temple and Community Center of Sunnyvale, as well as the founder of Indo American Society of Bay Area. He looks forward to spreading awareness about Open Space Authority’s mission.
  • Justin Fields

    At Large

    Justin Fields

    2-year term

    Justin Fields, who joined the Citizens’ Advisory Committee after 2010, has a vested interest and pride in protecting open spaces while promoting the tradition of agriculture in Santa Clara Valley. He is a fifth generation cattle rancher in the Coyote Valley area who enjoys helping others understand the importance of grazing, including the protection of native species and their habitats, as well as increasing fire protection. Justin is also current president of the Santa Clara County Cattlemen’s Association.
  • Steve Mink

    At Large

    Steve Mink

    2-year term

    Steve Mink joined the Citizens' Advisory Committee in 2019 and is a “triple threat” volunteer, regularly serving on Trail Patrol, Land Stewards, and Trail Masters. He has always enjoyed the outdoors, participating in Boy Scouts as a youth and now enjoying camping, hiking, and cross-country skiing with his family. Upon retirement, Steve was looking for a way to get outside every day, take a break from technology, and engage new people and ideas. This led him straight to the Authority.
  • Kathy Sutherland (Chairperson)

    At Large

    Kathy Sutherland (Chairperson)

    2-year term

    Kathy Sutherland first applied to become a Citizens’ Advisory Committee member in 2013 and is dedicated to finding the most powerful ways that the Committee may support the mission of the Open Space Authority. Professional and volunteer experience has pointed her to deep appreciation for the many roles of community members, agencies, and officials who team up to create deep impacts in the way of preservation of both rural and urban open spaces.
  • Daniel J. Kenney

    At Large

    Daniel J. Kenney

    2-year term

    Dan Kenney is a longtime member of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee who keeps himself quite busy with a plethora of volunteer experiences throughout the community, from beautification and conservation of Coyote Valley and Morgan Hill parks, to homelessness solutions and music volunteering at Montalvo.
  • Kitty Monahan

    At Large

    Kitty Monahan

    2-year term

    Kitty Monahan, who originally worked to help create the Open Space Authority, has long held an interest in incorporating the outdoors with education. She began a teaching career in 1953, which offered her the chance to eventually get high school students out exploring the environment and involved with Santa Clara County Parks and trails. Kitty has not only been a longtime Authority Citizens' Advisory Committee member, but has also served on the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation and Historic Heritage Commissions. She is an avid equestrian who wants others to get on trails and experience the beauty of our open spaces.
  • Loren Lewis

    At Large

    Loren Lewis

    2-year term

    Loren Lewis was born in Santa Clara County and has lived in South San Jose all his life. By trade, he is a high tech project manager with a Masters in Political Science and substantial coursework in sustainability, water resource management, and environmental policy. Loren came to know the Open Space Authority through training several hours each week year-round as a competitive trail runner. He has a particular affinity for wildflowers.


Regular Citizens' Advisory Committee meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. the 4th Monday of every other month.

For information on upcoming meetings or to search for past meetings, visit our interactive portal.

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Open Space Authority Board Room
33 Las Colinas Lane
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VACANCIES ON THE Citizens' Advisory Committee

The Open Space Authority is seeking persons interested in serving on its CAC. 
See below for information regarding current vacancies.  

CAC Application
CAC Vacancy Announcement Flyer

Description of Roles


District representative UPCOMING vacancies (4):





Term Dates: 07/01/2020-06/30/2022
Term Dates: 07/01/2020-06/30/2022

The Authority is currently accepting applications for 7 upcoming vacancies. People interested in being considered for the CAC should submit a completed application no later than July 2, 2020 and include a cover letter describing your qualifications for the position of interest and why you are interested in serving on the CAC, and any additional information about your experience to the Authority's Office at 33 Las Colinas Lane, San Jose, CA 95119. More information can be obtained by contacting the Authority via email or by calling 408-224-7476.

To be eligible for consideration, prospective committee members must reside within the boundaries of the Authority and, if seeking a District Representative position, must reside in the District of representation. All positions should possess a general knowledge of and involvement in activities related to the position. District Representatives should have experience participating with community groups and organizations within the District of representation. Members cannot be members of the Authority Board of Directors, Measure Q Expenditure Oversight Committee, or be a member of paid staff (regular, temporary, or seasonal).