Measure Q

Investing in nature

Measure Q was overwhelmingly passed in November 2014, which generates approximately $7.9 million per year for open space protection in the Santa Clara Valley. Passage of this measure allows the Open Space Authority to connect more people with nature by opening more parks and trails, and offering more opportunities to protect our scenic landscapes and their precious natural resources for present and future generations.

Renewing Our Investment in Nature

To continue protecting and providing access to open space in our community, the Open Space Authority Board of Directors has voted unanimously to place on the November 2020 ballot a renewal of the Measure Q annual parcel tax with no increase.

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Five-Year Impact Report to the Community

In its first five years, Measure Q funded a doubling of the number of acres protected as open space in the Authority’s jurisdiction to almost 30,000 acres – including a once-in-a-generation acquisition of almost 1,000 acres of long threatened open space in the North Coyote Valley. With the support of Measure Q, the Authority has efficiently and effectively invested in high-priority, high-impact projects to improve our quality of life. And these expenditures have resulted in an impressive return on investment – for every $1 of Measure Q funds spent, we’ve been able to attract $3 in public and private partnership funds for conservation, restoration, and recreation projects.

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Measure Q Goals

Measure Q will accomplish the following priorities set by the Santa Clara Valley Greenprint:
Bobcat on trail looking behind at the camera


Protect scenic hillsides, open spaces, wildlife, redwood forests, and farmland

Group of family hikers at Sierra Vista overlooking cityscape below


Increase public access to open space and help maintain Authority parks and trails

Clear, still pond in green hills


Protect precious water resources including creeks, rivers, and streams

Three adolescents students in green sweatshirts looking at butterfly and smiling


Create new urban open spaces and environmental education programs


In order to ensure accountability, transparancy, and public oversight of all funds collected and allocated under Measure Q, as guided by the Expenditure Plan, the Authority releases an annual status report to explain the amount of funds collected and expended and provide status of projects authorized to receive Measure Q funding. The Expenditure Oversight Committee provides independent public oversight for all funds collected and allocated by Measure Q to ensure accountability and transparency.

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Urban Grant Program

The Open Space Authority Urban Grant Program, funded by Measure Q, addresses the needs of urban communities that currently have limited access to preserves and parks. The grants provide funding for projects to create parks, trails, urban farms and community gardens, and engage children and youth through nature-based education programs.